The smart motorist avoids the new car market, aware of the huge depreciation that occurs when the wheels are driven out of the showroom, and because of this, many drivers prefer to take their chances in the used car world. For a first time buyer with little or no knowledge of the internal workings of a car would be best chaperoned by someone who would know a dud if he saw one, and for many people, this is the driving force behind insisting on new.

Online Dealerships

The modern age allows the consumer to access just about any product online, and the automobile industry is no exception, with established dealers selling BMW approved used cars, and that warranty makes it so attractive to the buyer. With a simple search, you will have a list of dealers on your screen, and whatever your preferred make and model, there will be a dealer within driving distance, and with online viewing, you can save time by narrowing down your search before you arrive at the showroom.

Dealership Ethics

Typically, a major dealer would have an affiliation with the manufacturer, and if you are talking about a hi-end car like a BMW, then the makers would set very stringent guidelines for any dealer that wishes to represent them. If a garage is BMW approved, for example, then it has passed BMW’s rigorous checklist, and therefore is the right place to buy a used car. The warranty an established used car dealer would offer might come with options, but the main point is that the vehicle is guaranteed to perform well for a specific number of miles, and this is an essential part of any second hand car deal.

Approved by the Manufacturer

Not all car dealers are affiliated with the manufacturer, and any that are would be assessed to be meeting the high standards the car maker expects. The technicians would all be fully qualified, and every used car would be thoroughly inspected, and any repairs of adjustments made before the vehicle is passed on to sales.


There are cars and there are cars, and the best place to begin when thinking of buying a second hand car is your budget. What you want and what you can afford are usually far apart, and being realistic, calculate a monthly figure that you can comfortably afford for a few years, and this will give you a figure to work with. If you are patient and know a bargain when you see one, finding the right car isn’t difficult, and with online showrooms, you can browse until you see something that catches your eye.

One thing to consider when buying any car is the running costs. A 5 litre engine might sound cool, but it is a gas guzzler that will quickly burn holes in your pocket. Besides, it is hardly eco-friendly, and with modern engines that can deliver serious horsepower without the huge cylinder capacity, there is no need to go overboard with engine size.

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