Australia is a magnificent country for off-road explorations and travel as it not only has so many wonderful places to visit, but the weather is great throughout the year and the cost of travelling is very competitive in comparison to many other destinations, including the US, NZ and Canada.

If you’re planning on travelling around the country and visiting destinations that require you to get off-road, have you considered a custom-built 4×4 motorhome? There are many benefits to traveling in such a vehicle as opposed to camping or towing a campervan, so here we look at some of these in greater detail to help you make the right decisions about the vehicle you purchase.

See Places You Otherwise Wouldn’t

One of the many advantages to travelling around Australia in off road Explorer Motorhomes is that you’ll get to see places that you otherwise wouldn’t. A custom-built motorhome enables you to do this because:

  • It’s 4×4, which means you can comfortably get off road and travel on dirt roads.
  • It has upgraded suspension, which means you can travel with peace of mind.
  • It has everything you need, enabling you to avoid civilisation for longer!

Wherever in the Great Southern Land you’re planning on travelling to, from the vast expanses of the Northern Territory to the tropics of far northern Queensland, you’ll find that a 4×4 custom-built motorhome from a top local manufacturer really is the ideal way to get there.

Live Comfortably

For many people, the journey they’re about to embark on is more than adventure, it’s them living life and spending their retirement years exploring this beautiful and wonderfully diverse land mass that so many of us are proud to call home. That means they’ll be away for some time, so the vehicle in which they travel must allow them to live comfortably and enjoy a variety of mod-cons, like:

  • A full ensuite that offers a separate toilet, shower and vanity.
  • A complete kitchen with ample space to prepare meals.
  • A sofa and dining area that’s of an adequate size.

While these vehicles don’t come with a dishwasher or washing machine, they feature just about everything else, so that’s great if you love travelling and the great outdoors but don’t want to give up too many of the comforts that you’ve become accustomed to.

Feel Safe and Secure

Security and peace of mind are very important to those who plan on living out of a vehicle for extended periods of time, so you can rest assured that custom-built 4×4 motorhomes are safe and secure and will provide you with peace of mind. As they feature a one-piece cabin made from fibreglass, they also won’t leak in heavy rains, which is very important when living in a motorhome.

Wherever you choose to travel around Australia, whether that’s the Outback or the coastal regions, you’ll find that a 4×4 custom-built motorhome from a reputable manufacturer has so much to offer you. What’s more, as you’re having it made to order, you can ensure it offers all the features that you need for the journey of a lifetime.

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