Mercedes Benz is one of the most loved car brands, and this German brand has come a long way since its inception. Mercedes C Class is one of their most successful lines of compact executive cars, and if you want to buy one of the models, we have listed a few pros and cons that may come handy.

The pros

  • The Mercedes C Class is known for its incredible handling, and it works like a pro on the road, and many people, including critics, believe that this one of the biggest pros of the range. Well, it might not fare as good as BMW 3-Series, but it’s a pleasurable car on the drive. When it comes to highway driving, the Mercedes C Class models are a delight.
  • Great for the budget. You may not have the budget for other Mercedes Benz models, but the C Class is easy to afford. Even if you don’t have the funds for a new one, a used one is equally high in value, and if the model is older than five years, you don’t have to worry about depreciation either.

  • Quality that stays. Mercedes Benz is always a leader when it comes to producing cars that run a lifetime. The C Class is no different, and there are great features to suit the taste of all car enthusiasts. If you are feeling lucky, check their 2014 range, which is expensive and is fitted with the tech you need.

On the flip side

  • Many do complain that Mercedes Benz C Class isn’t the most spacious models from the brand, and the small rear seats and the limited trunk space remain a matter of concern.
  • Fuel economy is another complaint that many critics have, especially with C300. There isn’t much that has improved in that segment.

  • If you intend to buy either C250 or C300, you will be unhappy with the power, especially if you compare them with other models of the C Class. Of course, you can always choose to settle for C350 which covers up the flaws.

If you want to find the best used Mercedes Benz C Class models, you can check online to find the nearest dealers. Do not shy away from seeking details of the car, and do take a test drive to feel the vibe. C Class surely feels a lot better and comfortable than many expect!


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