With the onset of winter season, bike riders start to make arrangement to keep their vehicle in good condition. Like other bikes, Can-Am Spyder also needs special attention during cold weather season. Not knowing the right way to take efficient care of it can cause adversely impact its performance.

Changing the filter and oil

Regular changing the existing oil in your bike with the fresh one is necessary during this season. This is because, with time, the oil present in your bike would get impurities in it. It can get contamination or acids can build in it. This can impact the gaskets and seals over the long storage period. To change the oil, you can easily find oil changing kits for different models of Can-Am Spyder motorcycle. This kit basically comprises of the oil, filter, O-rings and sealing washers.

Ensure the condition of engine coolant, levels of clutch fluid and brake fluid

You need to fill your fuel tank and add a fuel stabilizer that does not contain carbon. Most of the bike companies recommend using XPS fuel stabilizer in Spyder de BRP. By using this fluid, you can prevent any rusting of the tank and deterioration of the fuel. Before using this fluid, it is important to go through all the instructions mentioned on the label and perform, accordingly.

Ensure tires are properly inflated

It is important that the tires are inflated to recommended pressure. This assures you of the smooth, safe and comfortable ride. Also, check the condition of the tire. There should not be any damage, holes and leakage on the walls of the tire. Check the condition of the tread depth and wear on a periodic basis.

Properly clean the vehicle

It is very important to clean the seat of the bike to remove any kind of stains present on it. Roadside debris, dirt, debris and tree leaves tend to make the vehicle dirty. You need to use warm water to clean the bike on a weekly basis. This will keep it in the best state both in the respect of performance and appearance. There are certain cleaning agents recommended for Spyder bikes that not only cleans it but also polishes it to provide extra protection.

Learning the right practice to take the best care of your Can-Am Spyder would help you keep getting its benefits for several years. Calling an authorized motorcycle servicing company would be the best way to getting the desired service.

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