Talking about technology in cars, the model Chevrolet Equinox is profoundly influential. It is packed with persistent in-built average techniques right from Apple Music to iMessage when you connect to your device with the help of the display Chevrolet MyLink. This vehicle also features Android Auto that allows you to join any of your devices irrespective of the type. The built-in 4G Wi-Fi ensures that you stay connected to the internet wherever you are. The famous 2018 model comes with some excellent features like a backup camera and a tire-pressure monitor. The ideal way to experience the real feel of driving the car is by taking a test drive.

About Serra Chevrolet Bartlett

When you enter the webpage of the dealer Serra Chevrolet Bartlett along with the new Chevy Equinox, you will come across a lot more car models with exclusive design and features. Some of the excellent features the dealer offers are:

You get the car at the absolute lowest price that includes every type of discounts. So, when you purchase from them, you can be sure that you have got the best deal. Their salespersons are not paid on commission basis, so they will never pressurize you to overspend exceeding your budget. They thrive to offer the car to you at the lowest possible price. They have in stock the highest number of new and used vehicles. They are famous for the approach of customer-first business ideology ever since they were launched in 1985.

With the latest additions to the customer service strategies, you will enjoy the best experience ever. Their staff is well-trained and treat you amicably. They are highly patient and take sufficient time in understanding your requirements. So, pay a visit to their dealership showroom today and give them the opportunity to help you walk off with a brand-new Chevrolet car that suits your requirement the best.

The safety features

Be it any vehicle, safety features have no substitute and should be given the highest priority. These features help the driver to operate the car with ultimate safety. The Chevrolet Equinox 2018 model comes with some exclusive safety features like:

IntelliBeam high beam assist – This technology automatically ensures that the high beam light is turned on when it is too dark outside and returns to low beam when it identifies a vehicle approaching.

Safety alert seat – The new Rear Seat Reminder feature gets activated when the rear doors open and close up to 10 minutes when the vehicle is on. So, when you turn off the engine of the car, you get a reminder for double-checking the valuables left in the rear seat.

Fuel efficient

In this age when everything is so expensive, the new Chevy Equinox has been blessed with a fuel-efficient feature that makes it a hot cake. You get to choose from three powerful engines and select the right one. The fuel-saving stop or start technology is present in all the three models. It offers a rate of 6 liters per 100 km highway when it comes to fuel consumption. The Turbo-Diesel engine is highly efficient and quiet.

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