Can-Am Spyder is a very popular three-wheeled motorcycle that every youth and adventure lover would dream to ride.  Can-Am Spyder is a very fast ATV that looks more like a jet ski. There are a few trends that people can see on this bike which makes it different from a motorcycle.

Style that makes it different from a motorcycle

Turning of vehicle

While driving this vehicle, you do not counter-steer and lean to make the vehicle turn. You simply need to turn the direction of handlebars wherever you go. As Can-Am Spyder noir is equipped with a quick ratio and an efficient power steering, so little adjustments made at the handlebar will have powerful impact on the wheels. Unlike an ATV, you need to gently push or pull the handlebars where you want to move your bike.

The steering is a lot sensitive to minor adjustments, but the weight builds up rapidly with each turn you take. This makes it difficult to turn it too hard. You may need to work hard a little while handling the handlebars at sharper corners and at higher speeds.


Another aspect that can make it different from a motorcycle is its braking feature. Spyder uses a simple form of foot pedal brake that is present on the right side to stop all 3 wheels at once.

The entire process of braking is performed by the help of a computer that determines the braking force sent to rear and front. ABS assist in preventing lock-ups. If you do not have any experience of riding Can-Am Spyder on the road, then it is advised to do a little practice before heading into traffic.


A brand new Spyder model “RT” has got an inline 3-cylinder engine along with ability to handle additional two hundred pounds. This engine is a lot smoother as compared to other Spyder models and its exhaust note is very much less distinctive.

Other features

RT models come with several other remarkable features that enhance the performance, safety and comfort. All these features are hardly seen on any other trike. Extra power, electronically controlled transmission gear, load leveling back suspension, an Ecofriendly mode, bigger shocks, heated hand grips, additional gauges, backrest for passengers, and distinctive bodywork.


These trends not just make Can-Am motorcycle efficient, but also gives a distinctive feel to people who have got bored of driving motorcycles.

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